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29 Best Ground Beef Recipes From All Around The World

29 Best Ground Beef Recipes From All Around The World

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Wondering what to make with ground beef? If you are looking for easy ground beef recipes, you have come to the right place. 29 amazing beef recipes from all around the world; pasta with beef recipes, meat pies, casseroles, stuffed vegetables and even soups. This list of meat recipes are literally from all around the world; Italy, Franch, Korea, Israel, Middle eastern countries, South Africa, Argentina and more. Whether you are looking for easy recipes or sophisticated dishes, here you will find what you need.

Spaghetti and Meatballs Recipe


Follow this recipe to learn how to make the best spaghetti and meatballs. Spaghetti and meatballs recipe is one of the popular dishes in many houses around the world, and there is a reason for that. This dish is comforting, delicious and everybody loves it, kids and adults! The meatballs are tender and juicy and the tomato sauce (homemade or store-bought) is rich and flavorful. Full Recipe here: Spaghetti and Meatballs Recipe

Shepherd's Pie


Shepherd's Pie - the perfect comfort food ever! layer of ground lamb with vegetables cover with mashed potato layer. This dish is so rich and comforting! Perfect dish for cold winter days. Full Recipe here: Shepherd's Pie

Chili Con Carne


Chili con carne (chili with meat) – one of the most known Mexican dishes around the world. This classic Mexican chili con carne is a great meal for family dinner or even for hosting friend and parties. This chili dish includes ground beef, peppers, tomatoes and red kidney beans. Full Recipe here: Chili Con Carne

Pasta Bolognese

This Bolognese recipe is the recipe you can find online! The Bolognese sauce, which was invented in the Bologna region of Italy, has over the years become one of the most famous food dishes in the world, and for good reason, pasta Bolognese is one of the most delicious, rich and comforting dishes there is. Ragu' alla Bolognese is a dish that suits for any occasion, dinner, lunch, weekend and midweek. Full Recipe here: Pasta Bolognese

Nigerian Meat Pie 


The Nigerian meat pies are delicious pastries filled with minced meat, potato and carrots. The pastry is slightly flaky and very rich in flavor, the filling is moist and very flavorful. These meat pies are popular in west Africa and Nigeria. If you haven’t tasted the Nigerian meat pie you must try this recipe ASAP, they are the ultimate comfort food! Full Recipe here: Nigerian Meat Pie

South African Bobotie 


Bobotie – south African dish that is made with sweet curried ground beef, topped with creamy milk and eggs custard. Amazing mix of flavors. This dish is comforting, easy to make and loved by everyone. Perfect casserole dish for family weekends, for holidays or any occasion. If you have never tried this south African meat pie, you should give it a try. Full Recipe here: South African Bobotie

Classic Lasagna


This classic lasagna recipe is the best recipe I’ve tried. This homemade Italian lasagna made with layers of rich meat mixture cooked in tomato sauce (Ragù/Bolognese sauce), layers of creamy béchamel sauce (also known as white sauce), and in between & on top a touch mozzarella cheese. If you want to learn how to make the best lasagna for Christmas or holiday time you should try this easy and delicious recipe. Full Recipe here: Classic Lasagna

Cheesy Ground Beef Quesadillas


Follow this recipe to learn how to make the best quesadillas. These cheesy ground beef quesadillas are made with flour tortillas, they are crispy on the outside, juicy and cheesy from the inside. If you are looking for a quick and easy recipe, you should give these quesadillas a try. Serve it with homemade guacamole and enjoy! Full Recipe here: Cheesy Ground Beef Quesadillas

Baked Ziti


This classic baked ziti recipe is cheesy, rich and super delicious dish. If you like comfort food dishes, you must try this American-Italian style baked pasta casserole. A layer of ziti pasta mixed with meat sauce, then a layer of 3 cheeses (mozzarella, ricotta and parmesan), then another layer of pasta and meat, then finally another layer of 3 cheeses. Perfect dinner for any time of year. Full Recipe here: Baked Ziti

Quick and Easy Baked Cabbage Meatballs


These cabbage meatballs are so juicy and flavourful. Once you try them, you won't want to try any other meatball recipe. They are really easy to make, they are perfect for lunch, dinner or even as a side dish. You can fry these meatballs or bake them. Serve these cabbage meatballs with your favorite dipping sauce and enjoy a perfect meal. Full Recipe here: Quick and Easy Baked Cabbage Meatballs

Greek Pastitsio


Greek pastitsio (Pastichio) – a layer of pasta with cheese, layer of delicious meat mixture with tomato sauce and covered with third layer of rich béchamel sauce. This dish is also known as Greek lasagna and also remind moussaka (another amazing Greek dish). If you like to eat comfort food, this traditional Greek pastitsio is definitely worth a try. This dish also popular in Egypt, it’s called inn Egypt macarona béchamel or macaroni béchamel. Full Recipe here: Greek Pastitsio

Tourtiere - French Canadian Meat Pie


Tourtiere is a traditional French-Canadian pie that usually served on the holiday season. This meat pie can be made with ground beef, ground pork, ground veal or a combination of them. The meat mixture is cooked with onions, potatoes and spice mix and has a super delicious pie crust that melts in your mouth. Full Recipe here: Tourtiere - French Canadian Meat Pie

Korean Ground Beef and Rice


Korean ground beef and rice is one of the easiest recipes I’ve ever made. This Korean ground beef bowl dish is perfect for quick lunch or dinner and it’s really super delicious. Full Recipe here: Korean Ground Beef and Rice

Beef Chebureki


Chebureki (Чебуреки) are Russian fried beef dumplings or meat turnovers. The dough of these dumplings is easy to make and very crispy and they are very juicy in the inside. this dish Very popular in Russia, Caucasus, Turkey and more places. They are pretty easy to make and you need only few basic ingredients to make this recipe. Full Recipe here: Beef Chebureki

Beef and Rice Stuffed Peppers


Bell peppers stuffed with beef and rice in tomato sauce - easy, homemade traditional recipe. These stuffed peppers are flavorful, easy to make and super delicious. Great meal for weekend dinner. Full Recipe here: Beef and Rice Stuffed Peppers

Spaghetti with Meat Sauce


Quick and easy spaghetti with meat sauce recipe. Good for lunch or dinner. Watch this recipe to learn how to make perfect meat sauce with spaghetti. Full Recipe here: Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

Meatballs in Tomato Sauce


Quick and easy recipe for homemade meatballs in tomato sauce. This dish is perfect for dinner and lunch. Serve these meatballs with pasta, rice or potatoes and your family will love it! Full Recipe here: Meatballs in Tomato Sauce

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls


Learn how to make the best stuffed cabbage rolls. These homemade cabbage rolls are stuffed with ground beef and rice and cooked in homemade tomato sauce. This classic comfort dish is perfect for dinner, lunch and holidays. Full Recipe here: Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Beef Empanadas


Learn how to make the best beef empanadas from scratch. Rich, tender and flaky crust filled with rich ground beef and veggie filling – the best savory pastry you can make! These empnadas are known as argentine empanadas as they are very popular in Argentina. This recipe includes the pastry recipe, the filling recipe and how to shape empanada. Full Recipe here: Beef Empanadas

Greek Moussaka


Learn How to make Traditional Greek Moussaka. This dish is so rich and full of flavor. Layers of potatoes, eggplants, meat and béchamel sauce. Great dish for holidays and parties. Not recommended on a diet. Full Recipe here: Greek Moussaka

Sloppy Joes


Sloppy Joe - delicious American style sandwich with ground beef, tomato sauce and ketchup. Quick and easy recipe for the best homemade sloppy joes. Full Recipe here: Sloppy Joes

Eggplant and Meat Cake


Eggplant and Meat Cake - delicious ground beef mixture with pine nuts, tomato sauce and herbs warped with layers of fried eggplant slices. All that goodness baked in the oven and makes this beautiful and delicious eggplant and meat cake (eggplant and meat roulade). Full Recipe here: Eggplant and Meat Cake

Meat Borek


Meat borek (also known as Börek/Burek) - A turkish (also popular in other middle eastern and balkan countries) recipe for crusty phyllo dough filled with meat. Follow this recipe to learn how to make delicious meat borek. Full Recipe here: Meat Borek

Stuffed Onions


Onions stuffed with meat and rice - original, beautiful and interesting recipe for stuffed onion. these stuffed onion are so rich and flavor that you can not stop eating them. If you want to impress your family and friends, make this dish for them. Full Recipe here: Stuffed Onions

Arayes - Pita Stuffed With Meat


Arayes - delicious grilled pita bread sandwiches stuffed with meat (beef or lamb). This middle eastern dish is crispy in the outside and juicy in the inside. You can cook them on the grill or in striped frying pan. This meal is good for lunch, dinner or even BBQ party. Full Recipe here: Arayes - Pita Stuffed With Meat

Stuffed Grape Leaves


Stuffed grape leaves dishes are very popular all over the middle eastern and Mediterranean countries. In some countries this dish called Dolma/Dolmathakia in some countries it's called Warak Enab or sarma. There are many kinds of stuffings. In this recipe we going to make meat and rice stuffed grape leaves. Very rich and delicious dish that you can make on holidays and weekends for your friends and family. Full Recipe here: Stuffed Grape Leaves

Meat Buns


These meat buns are so soft and delicious. Ones you taste one bun you will not be able to stop eating more. Full Recipe here: Meat Buns

Lahmacun - Turkish Meat Pizza


Lahmacun or Lahmajon is Turkish style "pizza" with meat. Really easy and delicious recipe. Full Recipe here: Lahmacun - Turkish Meat Pizza

Beetroot Kubbeh Soup


Beetroot kubbeh soup is a Jewish-Iraqi dish that is very popular in Israel during winter time (in Hebrew: marak kubbeh selek). Kubbeh are semolina dumplings filled with delicious meat mixture and cook in beetroot soup. There are several types of kubbeh. This is my favorite; beetroot kubbeh soup (also known as red kubbeh soup). This soup is the perfect comfort food for cold winter days. Full Recipe here: Beetroot Kubbeh Soup


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