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9 Egg Recipes For Breakfast

9 Egg Recipes For Breakfast

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9 egg recipes for breakfast – Among these breakfast recipes you will find easy recipes, quick recipes, healthier recipes and less healthy recipes. No matter what style of breakfast you prefer, here you will surely find something you like. There are endless options of meals that can be made from eggs, I give you 9 ideas for making light breakfasts from eggs, you just have to choose and enjoy!

Scrambled Eggs


Learn how to make the best scrambled eggs. This recipe makes moist, fluffy, soft and velvety scrambled eggs. Making scrambled eggs isn’t complicated, but after trying this method, you will notice the difference between a regular scrambled eggs and a perfect fluffy and moist scrambled eggs. If you like eggs for breakfast, try this quick and easy recipe. Full Recipe here: Scrambled Eggs

French Toast Omelette Sandwich


Learn how to make French toast omelette sandwich. Quick and easy breakfast that anyone can make. All you need is your favorite bread, eggs, cheese and one pan. This egg omelette toast was viral all over the internet and called “egg sandwich hack”. If you like French toast and you like eggs in your breakfast, you can combine both in one meal. Full Recipe here: French Toast Omelette Sandwich

Breakfast Burrito


If you are looking for a recipe for a full and nutritious breakfast that is also quick and easy to prepare, this tortilla omelette is for you! This breakfast burrito is full with proteins, low in carbs (only one small flour tortilla). This breakfast recipe will help you yo start your day with good energies.. Full Recipe here: Breakfast Burrito

Rolled Omelette


Everyone loves omelettes, but have you ever tried rolled omelette? This easy recipe shows you how to make rolled omelette with vegetables. This rolled omelet can be make with different veggies like onions, carrots, mushrooms, broccoli and more. A perfect, healthy and high protein breakfast. Full Recipe here: Rolled Omelette

French Omelette


Learn how to make classic French omelette. Of all egg recipes French omelet probably is one of the most delicious recipes. If you haven’t tried French omelette before, you must try this silky, fluffy, rich and custardy omelette. This may sound like a complicated recipe, but if you follow the recipe step by step, you will learn the technique and you will manage to make the best omelette in the world! Full Recipe here: French Omelette

Turkish Eggs


Have you ever tried Turkish eggs? This breakfast includes yogurt spices with garlic, poached eggs and on top flavorful butter mixture. If you like eggs for breakfast or brunch you should try this rich and unique dish. Full Recipe here: Turkish Eggs



Shakshuka - eggs poached in tomato sauce. Very popular breakfast in the middle eastern and Mediterranean countries. Really easy to prepare and so delicious! Good not only for breakfast but for brunch or dinner as well. This is the basic recipe for shaksuka but you always can add more ingredients, such as sausage, ham, bacon, cheese, tuna and more. Full Recipe here: Shakshuka

Bread Omelette


This bread omelette recipe is the perfect dish for breakfast. This bread pocket omelette sandwich recipe has protein, cabs and veggies. A perfect start for the day. You can make this omelette in a hole with any kind of bread, any kind of veggies and any king of cheese that you like. Full Recipe here: Bread Omelette

Spinach and Mushroom Frittata


Spinach & Mushroom Frittata - quick and easy meal. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or brunch. In this recipe you can use any mushrooms and vegetables that you like. Full Recipe here: Spinach and Mushroom Frittata


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