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9 Easy Tahini Recipes

9 Easy Tahini Recipes

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9 Easy and delicious tahini recipes - If you are looking for recipes to use tahini paste, you have come to the right place. Whether you are looking for sweet recipes, desserts or healthy recipes, I have the recipe you are looking for. Tahini is a wonderful addition to the diet, so even if you have never tried using raw tahini, I highly recommend it.

What is Tahini?


Tahini (Techinah) is the name that Arabic’s use when referring to sesame seeds. It can be used as an ingredient in many dishes and is also used for a dip. The ground sesame seeds turn into a paste that has a peanut butter texture (the surface is oily).

Ways That Are Best to Use Tahini

Restaurants in the Middle East use Tahini (sesame paste) for combining into other ingredients to make different dishes, including different sauces. For instance, the popular hummus sauce uses Tahini when it is being made, and it is also put on the main dishes in the Middle East.

Tahini is also used in other countries. For instance, it is used in Turkey in a breakfast food they call tahin-pekmez by combining it with other ingredients. In Iraq, it is combined with date syrup for an excellent dessert. Iran uses tahini to make Halva. Cyprus uses Tahini in place of tzatziki in souvlaki. Whereas Greece uses Tahini as a spread and is available in stores as a combination with honey or cocoa.  

There are recipes for making soups using Tahini, as well as sauces, carrot bread, main dishes, shawarma, noodles, chicken, salad dressings, even fudge, and other deserts. It is no wonder tahini is used for so many different things having the flavor of sesames and a texture like peanut butter. Anyone can make Tahini. However, it is a complex process, but the results are worth it.

Those who are interested in making some only need to roast the sesame seeds in an oven for about 8 minutes. Next, put in a food processor and ground good with some olive oil. Add a dab at a time, and it is ready when you have a smooth sesame paste. You can find recipes on the internet to use them with.


The Benefits of Tahini

Tahini is an ingredient used all around the globe but more so in Mediterranean and Asian cuisines. It is toasted and grounded sesame seeds that have a light but nutty flavor. Other than culinary use it has it also has many health benefits.


Here are the benefits of Tahini:

  • Very Nutritious
    It contains plenty of healthy fats, minerals, and vitamins. Only 1 Tb (15 grams) gives you more than 10% of the required daily value (DV) of certain nutrients.

While 1 tablespoon of Tahini or 15 grams has the following nutrients:

  • Calories = 90 calories
  • Carbs    =   3 grams
  • Fat         =   8 grams
  • Fiber      =   1 grams
  • Phosphorus = 11% of the daily value   
  • Thiamine = 13% of the daily value
  • Manganese = 11% of the daily value
  • Vitamin B6 = 11% of the daily value

Manganese and phosphorus have a vital role in the health of bones, and it has a good source of these. Tahini also has a large quantity of thiamine, which is vitamin B1, and a large quantity of vitamin B6, both are crucial in the production of energy.

Also, nearly 50% of the fat from Tahini is from monounsaturated fatty acids.  Which are loaded with anti-inflammatory properties and are linked to the decrease in the risk for chronic diseases.

Loaded with Antioxidants

It is loaded with lignans, which are antioxidants that stop any free radical damage (is thought it can reduce the risk of diseases) within the body, but unstable compounds in large amounts can do damage to the tissues and cause the development of diseases, like type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, and heart disease.

Tahini has an extremely large amount of lignan sesamin, which has shown to be promising as an antioxidant in several test-tube studies, as well as animal studies. For instance, it might lower the risk of cancer and at the same time reduce the chance of free radical’s damage to the liver. Although there is a need for more studies in this area before an understanding can be reached.

Is Thought to Have Antibacterial Properties

Many of the countries in Central European and the Middle East use sesame oil for home remedies on foot wounds they think may be connected to diabetes because of the strong antioxidants tahini and sesame seeds have.


The antibacterial capacity from sesame seeds that were extracted was found to be 77% effective against bacterial samples tested for drug resistance. There was a study in rats that observed the sesame oil to be healing their wounds. Researchers thought this was due to the fats and antioxidants from the oil. Although this is still a developing part of the research and further research on humans is still needed.

Can Easily Be Added to One’s Diet 

It is extremely easy to add Tahini into a diet. You can buy both online and in grocery stores. Tahini is already well known to be an ingredient of hummus. However, it is also a wonderful spread for pita bread, vegetables, meat, and dips.


8 Easy Tahini Recipes

Tahini Cookies

Tahini (sesame seed paste) Cookies - These tahini cookies are so rich and buttery that they will melt in your mouth. And it is really easy to prepare this recipe. Full recipe: Tahini Cookies

Tahini Fudge

Tahini Fudge

Tahini fudge with pistachios and chocolate chips. These little tahini fudge squares are so soft, creamy, rich and delicious. They are super easy to make, only 5 minutes of work. So if you are looking for a no-bake, vegan, gluten free, dairy free and easy to make dessert recipe, this is for you. Full recipe: Tahini Fudge

Chocolate-Tahini Mousse Recipe

Tahini Mousse

This chocolate and tahini mousse recipe is creamy, light and fluffy. If you are not familiar with Tahini, it’s smooth and rich sesame paste. Many people are surprised when I use tahini in dessert, but actually it goes really well in dessert, especially desserts like mousse or fudge. This recipe is really easy to follow and doesn’t require eggs. Full recipe: Chocolate Tahini Mousse

Tahini and Date Cake Recipe

Tahini and date cake – if you like tahini (sesame seed paste) flavored dessert, this cake is for you! Moist, rich and sweet tahini-date cake with touch of walnuts. If you tired of regular cakes and dessert you should try this unique cake recipe. Full recipe: Tahini and Date Cake Recipe

No-Bake Oatmeal Tahini Energy Balls

These no-bake oatmeal energy balls are so easy to make! They are vegan, raw, delicious and packed with good nutritional values. These date energy bites are perfect as a snack, as a healthy dessert or even for post workout energy snack. The beauty of these energy balls, is that you can vary the toppings and the flavors you like. Full recipe: Oatmeal Tahini Energy Balls

Tahini Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are the perfect healthy breakfast for those who have don’t have time to cook in the morning. You place all the ingredients in a jar/bowl, mix it, store in the fridge overnight and enjoy it in the next morning. The beauty of this dish is that you can add any flavors that you like and it’s never get boring. Full recipe: Tahini Overnight Oats

Baba Ganoush

Learn how to make the best homemade baba ganoush recipe. This recipe is very easy to make, vegan, perfect as a dip or as a side dish. If you are not familiar with baba ganoush, it's a middle eastern dip made of roasted or grilled eggplants, blended with tahini, olive oil and garlic. The result is creamy, rich and smoky side dish. Full recipe: Baba Ganoush

Eggs Benedict - Healthy Version

One of my favorite breakfast is EGGS BENEDICT. But as you know is not so healthy with all that butter. so I created healthy version of eggs Benedict! Toasted bread, avocado, smoked salmon, poached egg and tahini on top. much healthier but still delicious! Full recipe: Healthy Eggs Benedict

Homemade Hummus

Hummus Recipe

Learn how to make the best authentic hummus. Creamy, rich, vegan and most important , delicious! If you like restaurant style hummus, you will be amazed to learn how easy it is to make hummus at home. Full recipe: Homemade Hummus

If that's not enough, visit here: More Tahini Recipes


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