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11 Easy Valentine's Day Dessert Recipes

11 Easy Valentine's Day Dessert Recipes

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The perfect desserts for Valentine's Day, romantic desserts, delicious and easy to prepare. A variety of desserts that can suit everyone. Make an impressive and sweet dessert for your loved one.

Chocolate Lava Cake Recipe

Follow this recipe to learn how to make chocolate lava cake. This molten chocolate lava cake is rich and fudgy with molten chocolate in the center. This dessert is perfect for Valentin’s day, birthdays and holidays. This chocolate fondant recipe is much easier to make then you may think. You need just a few basic ingredients and few minutes of work. Full Recipe here: Chocolate Lava Cake Recipe

The Best Chocolate Cake Recipe

Learn how to make the best chocolate cake ever! This chocolate cake recipe makes soft, moist and super rich cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting. This cake is ultimate for parties, birthdays and holidays. This recipe is very easy to make, you need only two bowls and 2 cake pans, even if you are not an experienced baker, you can make this cake. Full Recipe here: The Best Chocolate Cake Recipe

No-Bake Nutella Tart Recipe

This no-bake Nutella tart is quick, easy and delicious, every Nutella lover will love this dessert. This tart is eggless, without gelatin and no special techniques required, the crust made with Oreo cookies, the filling is rich, smooth and super delicious. This tart can be made with homemade Nutella (link to recipe below) or with store bought Nutella. Full Recipe here: No-Bake Nutella Tart Recipe

3-Ingredient Butter Cookies Recipe

Learn how to make the easiest butter cookies with only 3 ingredients that you already have. These butter cookies are so delicious and they melt in your mouth! This recipe is super easy and anyone can make it at home.  Full Recipe here: 3-Ingredient Butter Cookies Recipe

Red Velvet Cake Recipe

The most amazing red velvet cake recipe with cream cheese frosting. This cake is so moist, fluffy, rich and velvety. Perfect cake for holidays, birthdays, valentine’s day or any occasion. This cake consists of two layers of cake, generous layer of cream cheese frosting in the middle, beautifully covered with frosting on top and sided. Coated with red velvet crumbs and decorated with heart shape cake. Full Recipe here: Red Velvet Cake Recipe

No-Bake Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe

New no-bake cheesecake recipe and for this time: No-bake chocolate cheesecake (without gelatin). This cake is super creamy, rich, chocolaty, delicate and very easy to make. Special cheesecake recipe for chocolate lovers. Full Recipe here: No-Bake Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe

Easy No-Bake Chocolate Tart Recipe

No-bake chocolate tart with Oreo crust, rich dark chocolate ganache filling and touch of fresh strawberries. Easy, delicious no-bake dessert. Full Recipe here: Easy No-Bake Chocolate Tart Recipe

No-Bake Vegan Bounty Tart Recipe

If you like the famous bounty candy bar you will definitely love this no-bake vegan bounty. This chocolate coconut tart is made of 3 layers: the crust of this tart made from nuts and dated, the filling is full of coconut, and topped with vegan chocolate ganache. Beautiful, original and delicious dessert that you will love even if you are not vegan. Full Recipe here: No-Bake Vegan Bounty Tart Recipe

3-Ingredient White Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Quick and easy 3-ingredient white chocolate mousse. This white chocolate mousse is rich and creamy, and you need only 10 minutes of work to make this beautiful dessert. This easy white chocolate mousse is perfect for Christmas, Valentine’s Day or any other occasion. If you looking for individual desserts, this recipe is for you! You can top this mousse with white chocolate shavings, fresh strawberries, raspberries or oven nuts. Full Recipe here: 3-Ingredient White Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Easy 15 Minutes Cake in a Frying Pan | No-Bake Chocolate Cake

Learn how to make the easiest cake ever – cake in a frying pan! To make this pancake cake you need only 15 minutes of work and few basic ingredients. This easy chocolate cake is made with 4 layers of cake (pancake), creamy mascarpone cream, chocolate ganache and chopped pistachios. The beauty of this cake is that you can make as much slices as you want, and you don't have to make a whole cake. Full Recipe here:  Easy 15 Minutes Cake in a Frying Pan | No-Bake Chocolate Cake

Tiramisu in a Cup | Eggless Tiramisu Recipe

These tiramisu cups are the individual version of the classic tiramisu recipe. Usually, tiramisu is made in a large dip dish, this recipe makes mini tiramisu that you can serve in glass, jar or a cup. This tiramisu recipe is eggless but nevertheless, creamy, rich and very delicious. And if you thought that making tiramisu was complicated, you can make this recipe in just 10 minutes. Full Recipe hereTiramisu in a Cup


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