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7 Easy Ramadan Desserts | Iftar Recipes

7 Easy Ramadan Desserts | Iftar Recipes

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7 easy ramadan dessert recipes – if you are looking for ramadan dessert recipes ideas, you have come to the right place. Here I gathered 7 easy dessert recipes for iftar, some of them are traditional ramadan recipes and some of them modern dessert recipes that many people prefer. These ramadan sweets and treats are must try recipes during the fasting month.



Basbousa is a traditional Egyptian – middle eastern sweet cake. Basically Basbousa (also known as revani or harissa) cake is a semolina cake with coconut soaked in syrup. This dessert is popular in all Arab cuisines and many other cuisines all over the middle east. Each county has their own version of basbousa, this version of semolina cake is light, fluffy and sweet. This recipe perfect for the Ramadan or any other occasion. Full Recipe here: Basbousa

Lotus Truffles


These lotus Biscoff truffles are the perfect treat lotus Biscoff lovers. They are fudgy, sweet with chocolate and caramel flavour. This recipe is very easy to make and all you need is 4 to 5 ingredients. They are great as a gift, as a sweet for holidays or as a dessert. Full Recipe here: Lotus Truffles

Lebanese Nights


This amazing and aromatic dessert called Lebanese nights/layali Lubnan (ليالي لبنان). This delicious cake is made from a rich semolina pudding, topped with a layer of cream, sprinkled with chopped pistachios and drizzled with a syrup. This Lebanese dessert is really easy to make, it’s smell amazing and looks pretty special. If you are looking for an easy dessert for hot summer days or maybe for Ramadan, this dessert is definitely for you. Full Recipe here: Lebanese Nights

Turkish Delight


Turkish delight (lokum) is a traditional Turkish candy. This recipe is very poplar and you can find this candy in different colors, flavors and with different filling (such as pistachios and almonds). This recipe is based on starch and sugar, and it’s pretty easy to prepare. You also might recognize Turkish Delight as the candy from The Chronicles of Narnia- The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. So if you like to make candies at home, you should try this delicious and sweet candy. Full Recipe here: Turkish Delight

Stuffed Dates


These frozen walnut and peanut butter stuffed dates are the ultimate treat! It’s super easy to make (only 10 minutes of work), It requires only 3 ingredients, it’s vegan friendly, it’s pretty healthy and of course, this natural dessert is super delicious! Stuffed dates are the kind of desserts that everyone loves and it’s good for everyday and special occasions alike. And this dessert is a natural version of the famous snickers bars, so if you like snickers, now you can eat it without feelings of guilt. Full Recipe here: Stuffed Dates

Bounty Bars


Homemade bounty bars – if you are a fan of the famous coconut chocolate bars (bounty) also known as mounds, I have a surprise for you! This recipe is super easy and requires only 4 ingredients and a few minutes of works. I love coconut and chocolate desserts and this dessert reminds me of childhood, hope you try and love this recipe. Full Recipe here: Bounty Bars



Maamoul cookies are semolina cookies that are usually stuffed with dates or nuts. In this recipe I made two version of maamoul cookies. The first stuffing is the classic maamoul, with dates, the second version is with pistachios. If you’ve never tried you these middle eastern cookies, you should know that they are melt in your mouth. These cookies are perfect for Christmas, for Ramadan or just with a cup of tea. Full Recipe here: Maamoul

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