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5 Cheap Meals | Dinner on A Budget | Family Dinner Under 15$

5 Cheap Meals | Dinner on A Budget | Family Dinner Under 15$

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5 cheap meal ideas that anyone can make at home. Easy cheap dinner on a budget that actually tastes good! Whether you prefer a chicken meal or a vegan meal, these cheap dinner ideas are perfect for you. Whole family dinner under 15$ is possible more than ever.

Lentil Curry

This lentil curry is creamy, rich, healthy and very easy to make. If you have never tried lentil curry, you must try this coconut lentil curry! This is a one-pot recipe, vegan and gluten free. Perfect a midweek dinner or lunch. Full recipe: Lentil curry

Chicken Burrito

Learn how to make the best chicken burrito at home. This chicken burrito recipe is easy to make, you can make the burritos with leftover rice and leftover chicken. So if you are looking for easy meal that everybody loves, give this Mexican burrito a try! Full recipe: Chicken Buritto

Chicken Schnitzel

Learn how to make the best chicken schnitzel – crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside. If you are not familiar with this dish, chicken schnitzel (Chicken cutlets) is a pounded chicken breast coated with breadcrumbs. If you are looking for a budget meal that your kids and family will love, this schnitzel recipe is for you. Full recipe: Chicken Schnitzel

Falafel Burger

This homemade falafel burger recipe is crispy from the outside and green and juicy from the inside. Exactly like the famous falafel balls recipe, just in a burger shape that is much more fun to eat. This burger recipe is absolutely vegan and it’s pretty easy to make. Great burger recipe for parties and holidays. These burgers can be bakes for a healthier version or can be fried for a tastier version. Full recipe: Falafel Burger

Crispy Fried Chicken

Learn how to make the best fried chicken! This easy homemade recipe makes super crispy fried chicken on the outside and moist, juicy and flavorful on the inside. This classic buttermilk fried chicken is a very popular dish in many places around the world, and for good reason. This recipe can be prepared with drumsticks, thighs or any other part. Full recipe: Cripsy Fried Chicken


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