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The Best Comfort Food Recipes in The World

The Best Comfort Food Recipes in The World

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There are different types of comfort food all over the world. In this video I combined together 4 comforting, delicious and rich dishes that everyone knows. All this to see if we can choose which comfort food is the best in the world? If you like comfort food with different layers and different textures with amazing tastes you should try all of these recipes. Whether you like shepherd's pie, or you are more of a type of lasagna with white sauce, or you prefer something simple as macaroni and cheese or you maybe you want to try something new like Greek mousse. No matter what comfort food recipe you choose, be sure you'll love every one of these dishes.
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Mac and cheese is one of the most popular American dishes, loved by both children and adults. This recipe is one of the easiest comfort food recipes you can find.  This macaroni and cheese is creamy, rich, with 3 type of cheeses. See the full recipe here: Mac and Cheese


Shepherd’s pie is classic British comfort food made with two main layers; saucy ground lamb cooked with veggies and extra rich mashed potatoes. This dish is so simple and delicious, there is no one who does not like it. Perfect meal for cold winter days. See the full recipe here: Shepherd’s Pie


Moussaka is one of the most famous Greek dishes. Greek moussaka is super rich, super comforting and super delicious. This amazing dish is made with layers of fried eggplants and potatoes, layer of rich meat sauce and very delicious béchamel sauce. This recipe is probably the complicated recipe on this list, but it worth every minute of work. See the full recipe here: Greek Moussaka


Lasagna - a classic Italian dish that is well known all over the world. If you prefer your comfort food with some pasta, this dish is for you. Layers of pasta, extra rich meat mixture which was cooked in tomato sauce, and of course, layers of white sauce with cheese touches here and there. See the full recipe here: Lasagna


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