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Bamba Ice Cream Recipe

Bamba Ice Cream Recipe

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Bamba (Israeli peanut-based snack) ice cream recipe – creamy, rich and delicious ice cream that is made without ice cream machine in only 5 minutes of work. If you a peanut butter lover, you will love this homemade ice cream recipe.

5 Minutes
5 Minutes

  • 2 cups (480ml) Heavy cream, cold
  • 1 can (400g/14oz) Sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 cup (250g) Peanut butter
  • 50g Bamba


  1. Place cold heavy cream in a large bowl, whip to stiff peaks.
  2. Add sweetened condensed milk, peanut butter and beat on low speed until incorporated.
  3. Add bamba and gently fold.
  4. Transfer into a container/dish, top with extra bamba (optional) and freeze for least 6 hours.


Bamba is a popular Israeli snack food that consists of peanut-flavored puffed corn snacks. The snacks are shaped like small, elongated cylinders and are made from corn grits and peanut butter. Bamba was first introduced in Israel in the 1960s and has since become a staple snack food in the country. Bamba is known for its unique texture, which is light, crispy, and melts in your mouth. It is also a popular snack among children and is often given to babies as one of their first solid foods due to its soft texture and high nutritional value.

One of the reasons for Bamba's popularity is its nutritional value. Bamba is made with simple ingredients, including corn grits, peanut butter, and salt, making it a relatively healthy snack option. It is a good source of protein, fiber, and healthy fats, and contains no cholesterol or trans fats. Bamba is also gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

In addition to its nutritional value and potential health benefits, Bamba is also enjoyed for its delicious flavor and unique texture. The peanut butter flavor is distinct but not overwhelming, and the light and crispy texture makes it easy to eat by the handful.



The process of making Bamba involves several steps to ensure that the snack maintains its unique texture and flavor. The first step is to mix the corn grits with water and cook the mixture until it forms a dough. The corn grits used in Bamba are a type of coarsely ground cornmeal that is high in fiber and essential nutrients.

Once the dough has been formed, it is extruded through a machine that shapes it into small, elongated cylinders. This process helps to create the distinctive shape of Bamba and ensures that each piece is uniform in size and shape.

The peanut butter used in Bamba is a creamy, smooth variety that is made from roasted peanuts. It is added to the warm dough while it is still pliable, and the mixture is thoroughly mixed to ensure that the peanut butter is evenly distributed throughout the dough. The addition of peanut butter not only adds flavor but also provides a source of protein and healthy fats.

After the peanut butter has been mixed into the dough, salt is added to enhance the flavor. The amount of salt used in Bamba is relatively low compared to other snack foods, making it a healthier option.

The next step in the process is to bake the Bamba in an oven until it is crispy and light. The baking process involves exposing the Bamba to high temperatures for a short period of time, which causes the moisture in the dough to evaporate and creates the light and crispy texture that Bamba is known for.

Once the Bamba has been baked, it is cooled and packaged for sale. The packaging is designed to keep the Bamba fresh and crisp, and is often resealable to ensure that the snack remains fresh for longer.

Overall, the process of making Bamba is relatively simple, but it requires careful attention to detail to ensure that the snack maintains its unique texture and flavor. The result is a delicious and nutritious snack food that has become a beloved staple in Israeli cuisine and is enjoyed by people all over the world.

bamba ice cream


4-ingredient ice cream

4-ingredient ice cream is a simple and delicious dessert that can be made with just a few basic ingredients. One popular variation of this recipe includes heavy cream, sweetened condensed milk, peanut butter, and Bamba. To make this ice cream, the heavy cream is whipped until it forms stiff peaks, and then the sweetened condensed milk is gently folded in. Next, peanut butter and crushed Bamba pieces are added to the mixture and stirred until well combined. The ice cream is then poured into a container and frozen until solid. This recipe creates a creamy and indulgent ice cream with a delicious peanut butter flavor and a hint of crunch from the Bamba pieces. However, there are many other options for 4-ingredient ice cream, and other flavors can be created using ingredients such as fresh fruit, chocolate chips, or cookie dough.


homemade bamba ice cream

Making homemade ice cream is a simple and enjoyable process that can result in a delicious and customized dessert. One popular recipe involves combining cold heavy cream, sweetened condensed milk, and a flavoring of your choice. To start, the heavy cream is whipped to stiff peaks, which creates a light and airy texture for the ice cream. Then, sweetened condensed milk is added to the whipped cream, which provides a rich and creamy base for the dessert.

Finally, a flavoring of your choice, such as peanut butter, is incorporated into the mixture, giving the ice cream a distinct and delicious taste. The mixture is then transferred to a container and frozen for at least six hours, which allows it to solidify into a smooth and creamy texture. With just a few simple ingredients and steps, you can create a homemade ice cream that is both easy and delicious.


Making homemade ice cream without an ice cream maker is a great option for those who do not have the equipment or do not want to invest in one. The advantages of this method include its simplicity, flexibility, and the ability to create unique flavor combinations. To make homemade ice cream without an ice cream maker, you will need a few key pieces of equipment, including a hand mixer or stand mixer, a large mixing bowl, and a freezer-safe container. The process involves whipping heavy cream to stiff peaks, adding sweetened condensed milk and any desired flavorings, then freezing the mixture for several hours until it is solid. One advantage of this method is that the ice cream can be stored in the freezer for several weeks, making it a convenient dessert option. Additionally, this method allows for endless flavor possibilities and the ability to adjust the sweetness and texture to your liking. With a few simple tools and ingredients, homemade ice cream without an ice cream maker is a delicious and fun way to satisfy your sweet tooth.


easy homemade ice cream recipes

With this simple method you can make plenty of ice cream flavors at home without ice cream maker and without eggs. Here are some easy homemade ice cream recipes


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